How to create tZers?

ICQ tZers are basicly plain flash animations which are located on some webserver, unlike MSN Messenger Winks which you have to download on your computer. So to create your tZer all you need to do is create flash animation.
After you have created it you must upload your tZer on your web server and create screenshot for your tZer. Screenshot has to be 50x50 pixels.
Now you have to generate code for your tzer. Take our example code, copy it and change some mandatory lines:

On line 2 change the url with url of your tZer screenshot. On line 3 change the text ilikeyoubaby with your text, it is just identifier so you can put whatever you want here, but only letters, no spaces. On line 4 change the text I Like You Baby with your text, it is the name of the tZer that will be shown on ICQ tZer list. On line 5 change the url with the url of your swf file.
That's all. Now you only have to send your code to us and we will put it on our tZer list and people will be able to use it in conversations. Our email address is .