How to install tZers?

Currently there is no tools available on the net for installing tZers so you will have to do it manually. Or if you have some knowlage in programming you can create your own tool based on this tutorial. Ofcourse we would appreciate a link to our site inside your tool.
To install tZers into your ICQ follow this easy steps. Be sure you have ICQ version 5.1 or above installed on your computer.
Step 1.
You need to open in Notepad your tZers preferences file. The file is located in the PluginsPrefs\Global\TzerDialog\ folder under your ICQ folder. The file name is Prefs.xml. On most computers the complete path to this file is c:\Program Files\ICQLite\PluginsPrefs\Global\TzerDialog\Prefs.xml
Step 2.
Select the tZer you want to install from our tZers list. Next to tZer image is tZer code. You have to select the code and copy it by clicking with your right mouse button and then clicking Copy.
Step 3.
Paste the code into Prefs.xml above last two lines:

After inserting the new tZer code the and of the file should look like this:

Your new tZer is now installed and you can see it on your ICQ tZers list. You don't even need to restart your ICQ.